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Advantage Multi (Advocate) Cats Over 8.8lbs (4kg) - 12 Pack

Advantage Multi for cats prevents parasite infections, fleas, heartworm, gastrointestinal worms, lungworm and ear mites.

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Product Description
A larger supply of the powerful Advantage Multi formula for Cats over 8.8 lbs. will keep more money in your pocket, and more flea and worm parasites away from your cat, for twice the time as the 6 pack. This powerful once a month topical keeps your cat free of:
  • Fleas
  • Ear Mites
  • Treats and prevents lungworm
  • Heartworms
  • Gastrointestinal worms
This will allow you to avoid the ATM while they do what they do best, act curious, lazy, and keep you company. Just apply the cream to the back of your cat’s neck and pop open a can of tuna, because you know how much fun it is to spoil a chubby kitty

* This item is not shipped to the USA
Questions & Answers (21)
My Advocate was delivered by mailman and placed in hot mailbox for several hours. Will this affect it
That shouldn't be a problem.
My cat is 4.2kg. Should I apply Advocate "over 4kg" or "under 4kg"? I'm worrying what if "over 4kg" is too strong to my cat.
If your cat is 4.2 kg, this product should be ok.
can i apply it on a pergnant cat? or cat with babies?
Both active ingredients have individually shown no problems with use during pregnancy. Reproductive safety studies with advocate® have not been completed to date and thus the safety of advocate® has not been established during pregnancy and lactation.
The box says "Do not store above 30 degrees" Does that mean it has to be kept frozen?
It is 30 centigrade Celcius, it is about 86 Fahrenheit
Does this product come in pck of 18 or 24?
12 Pack would be the largest package size we have.
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Clayton Cole
Happy Cats
We have a total of 21 cats and a dog that are indoor pets that we let out an hr/day in the backyard. Of that, 5 are stray/feral, so it's important we give them flea/worm medicine -couldn't catch but 3 strays. It gets very expensive that's why I shop on here since 2017. I have tried Revolution, Stronghold, and recently, Advocate, I got a few Milbemax tabs mainly for the 3strays. All of them works. But there was one order that I had that Stronghold did not kill fleas -had to quickly buy at a local store. I don't know why, so I switched to Advocate. Shipping takes about 3wks though, but for the price and convenience, I'm okay w/it. Thank you Petbucket!
A. Bosiger
Bayer Advocate for Cats
Our go to for parasite protection against fleas, worms and more! Great product
M. Raines
Gets the job done.
The price is acceptable. However, treating 52 cats each month does get pricey....
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