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Drontal Allwormer Cats - 2 Tabs

Drontal Allwormer prevents gastrointestinal worms: roundworm, hookworm and tapeworm.

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Product Description
Drontal Cat Tablets are powerful deworming agent  and once applied they will keep your cat clear of:
  • Roundworm
  • Hookworm
  • Whipworm
  • Tapeworm
  • And even helps treat diarrhea.
The package comes with two tablets one for each 4 kg (9 lbs.) of weight. Each tablet is good for one month of treatment for a cat of that size. If the cat weighs more than 4 kg (9 lbs.) just double up the dosage and refill your supply next month.  Applicator not included.
Questions & Answers (7)
Can my cat use this medition with Revolution in one day?
You can but Revolution does worming so you might not need Drontal at the same time.
Does the applicator come in the package? The description says just two pills are included, no applicator. However, someone asks a question about the applicator and gets a positive reply. I need the applicator, too. Will it be included in the package, or is there somewhere on your site where it can be purchased separately?
Sorry we don't carry applicators anymore. This product comes without a applicator. You may source it locally.
how often should you use this treatment on your cat. My cat is an indoor/outdoor cat....I dont know if that matters
You should give this product to your cat monthly.
My cat has never had this done before. She is about 4 now. Should I give her this pill. She is an indoor cat and weighs about 16 lbs. She does get occasional fleas. Many thanks. Katherine
This product is safe for all adult cats. However Drontal only treat and prevents gastrointestinal worms. If your cat gets fleas, may be it would be better if you use flea + worm medicene like, Revolution / Stronghold or Advocate.
I was told never to give an animal a dry pill. Meaning don't give them a pill shoved down their throat dry, without a drink. It's like you trying to swallow a pill without water. It can scratch your throat, or get stuck. I use pill pockets to give them a pill but if they don't like those-then I don't know what to do. Just searching for other ways to give pills. By the way is this product like Droncit? The pill I give to my cat to rid her of worms she got after ingesting a flea.
We are not familiar with Droncit.
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Tracy Watts
Carrie Rhone
I order a couple of times a year. Great products for a fraction of the price. Make sure to order way before you need it because it takes a while to get through customs.
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