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Pet Bucket Blog

June 2018

Seven Foods NOT to Give Your Cat

 by lucy on 28 Jun 2018 |
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Cats are famously fussy when it comes to food. But keeping her healthy often means avoiding some foods she loves. Cats may be picky eaters, but that doesn’t mean they always know what foods are best for them. While any fare not specifically designed...

How to use clicker training with your dog

 by lucy on 26 Jun 2018 |
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Unlike traditional training, which relies on fear, pain or intimidation to bully pets into learning, clicker training us...

How to communicate your cat

 by lucy on 18 Jun 2018 |
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Cats are notorious for never listening, but that doesn’t mean your pet doesn’t care about what you have to say. Felines ...

How prepare your dog up for success during your next vacation

 by lucy on 14 Jun 2018 |
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Whether it’s work, a wedding or a well-deserved vacation, every pet owner occasionally needs to skip town to travel. Leaving your dog behind can be hard on both you and your pet, but by planning ahead, you can set your dog up for a low-stress transit...
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