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Pet Bucket Blog

August 2015

5 Startups for Cat Lovers

 by petbucket on 26 Aug 2015 |
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Starting your own business can be a creative and fulfilling way of earning some extra cash, and more people than ever before are turning their passions and hobbies into lucrative enterprises. While there are hundreds of resources online to help entre...

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Pet Insurance

 by petbucket on 19 Aug 2015 |
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The field of veterinary medicine has advanced significantly in recent years. There are now veterinary cardiologists, vet...

Rescue Dogs and Kids Can Mix - Five Tips for Bonding

 by petbucket on 13 Aug 2015 |
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If your family is adopting a rescue dog, you may have some concerns about how your child and new dog will interact with ...

Dog Flu - Tips for Protecting Your Dog From Illness

 by petbucket on 05 Aug 2015 |
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Canine influenza, popularly known as "dog flu," has become a growing concern among dog owners who haven't heard of the illness and aren't sure how to protect their pets. Some areas of the country have seen wide outbreaks of the illness, with some dog...
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