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June 2015

Teaching An Old Dog New Tricks - Training Your Rescue Dog

 by petbucket on 25 Jun 2015 |
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  If you have adopted an older rescue dog, you will be giving them a second chance at the life they deserve. The thing is, they might come along with their own baggage. The good news is that you can train a rescue dog if you stick with it and have th...

Super Foods for Dogs

 by petbucket on 17 Jun 2015 |
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By Amber Kingsley When temperatures are on the rise, many of us worry about keeping our furry friends cool during the s...

Pet Safety: How to Dog-Proof your House and Garden

 by petbucket on 10 Jun 2015 |
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By Austin Hackney     Before bringing a new dog home, you should make sure that your house and garden are safe. There ar...

Matted Fur and Curly Claws - Caring for an Elderly Cat

 by petbucket on 05 Jun 2015 |
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Pets, like humans, are living longer and just like humans, their needs change over the years. When your cat was a kitten, his or her needs may have been few, but now that your cat has reached the twilight years, he or she is going to need greater con...
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