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Pet Bucket Blog

November 2014

How To Keep Your Pets Happy And Healthy At Thanksgiving

 by alexandra on 27 Nov 2014 |
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It is such a wonderful time of the year. Families come together, ovens are working overtime and the kids are running around the house. It's the time to show gratitude for all you are fortunate to have, and for some this might be their pet. It's for t...

The Benefits Of Cooling Beds For Dogs

 by alexandra on 26 Nov 2014 |
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Do you have trouble falling asleep on warm summer nights? Well, you're not alone. Your pooch too can find it hard to fin...

7 Benefits of Adding Pumpkin To Your Pet's Diet

 by alexandra on 25 Nov 2014 |
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Pumpkin has many health benefits for pets, making it a food that is recommended to be safely and regularly added to a pe...

Benefits Of Giving Your Pet Supplements

 by alexandra on 24 Nov 2014 |
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With a growing population of aging, overweight dogs, the market for dog supplements is ever-increasing. Many people take dietary supplements or vitamins themselves so it's no suprise they’re giving them to their pets too. But do dogs need those vita...

Caring For Your Pet During Winter

 by alexandra on 21 Nov 2014 |
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The mornings have become much cooler, you’ve started layering up, even wearing your winter coat when you head out to wor...

How To Prepare For Unexpected Medical Costs

 by alexandra on 20 Nov 2014 |
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Breaks, sprains, colds, infections and viruses are unfortunately a part of life and they often happen when you least exp...

What Apartment Dwellers Need For Their Cats

 by alexandra on 19 Nov 2014 |
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If you're a city slicker or just happen to live in an apartment, then the things you will need for your cat can differ quite a bit from what is needed in a large home or for outdoor cats. Here are six must-have items for cats living in apartments. ...

Choosing a Gate For Your Dog

 by alexandra on 18 Nov 2014 |
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Each dog is unique and just like us, they have their own individual needs. So it's up to us as their humans to meet them...

The Cat and Mouse Game: Why Cats Love Mouse Toys

 by alexandra on 17 Nov 2014 |
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Ever wondered what it is about mice toys that excites cats so much? It's all quite simple really, it comes down to their...

Dog Grooming: The Do's and Don'ts

 by alexandra on 14 Nov 2014 |
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Grooming isn't just about your pooch looking their best, it's also important for their health and wellbeing. The Dos of Dog Grooming Washing your dog often is totally fine, in fact they'll love it. Just like you, feeling clean will make your dog f...
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