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Pet Bucket Blog

December 2013

5 Foods Your Dog Should Never Eat

 by wai on 18 Dec 2013 |
7 Comment(s)
All of us want our dogs to be healthy and happy, but it can be quite a struggle to resist the temptation to give your furry friend table scraps. While a special treat on occasion may not be cause for concern, there are several common foods that can b...

Walking Your Dog:6 Tips to Establish Pack Leadership

 by wai on 09 Dec 2013 |
7 Comment(s)
It doesn’t matter if you’re walking just one dog or 10 at a time; you can keep them in line if you’ve established yourse...

Can Dogs Catch Worms From Cats?

 by wai on 03 Dec 2013 |
6 Comment(s)
There are several types of worms that dogs can become infected with including tapeworms, hookworms, roundworms, whipworm...
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