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June 2013

Urinary Infection in Cats

 by zack on 27 Jun 2013 |
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One of the most common health problems in domestic cats is that they are especially prone to catching urinary tract infections. While not normally a serious problem in humans, cats can have a rough go of it unless treated in a relatively speedy fashi...

Puppy Prognostication Part 2: Pregnant Dog Complications

 by zack on 25 Jun 2013 |
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Welcome back for part 2 of our series on pregnant dogs. Today we’ll be discussing the possible complications you’re mos...

Puppy Prognosis: How to Help your Dog during Pregnancy

 by zack on 21 Jun 2013 |
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Dogs are a lot like people. It’s fascinating to see how much an owner and a pet can have in common. Personalities, disl...

The Feral Cat Conundrum Part 2

 by zack on 20 Jun 2013 |
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Yesterday’s post gave us a glimpse of the painstaking process behind taming a feral cat. However, as we mentioned this isn’t always the best option for a feral cat. They are basically wild, and that can mean very unsociable. Not only can they be phys...

The Feral Cat Conundrum: Questions and Solutions Part 1.

 by zack on 19 Jun 2013 |
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Feral cats and kittens are an interesting dilemma. They capture our hearts and imaginations, and just leaving feral feli...

What is Parvovirus?

 by zack on 14 Jun 2013 |
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Whenever you first take your dog to the vet one of the initial tests and vaccinations your furry friend will receive is...

Pet’s Soft Stomachs: A Hard Problem to Solve?

 by zack on 13 Jun 2013 |
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Dogs are known for soft stomachs and cats are always coughing up hair balls, so what’s an owner to do? First things first, you have to understand that this is a very common problem to be dealing with, and it doesn’t necessarily mean that your pet is ...

DNA Test for Dogs: Discovering Mixed Breed Ancestry

 by zack on 08 Jun 2013 |
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Image Credit Owning a mutt is advantageous for a few reasons. They’re outbred dogs so they usually won’t have any of th...

Shedding Light on Heavy Shedding

 by zack on 05 Jun 2013 |
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Image Credit Pet owners everywhere are up to their eyeballs in dog or cat fur during the hot summer months. Why do cats...

Investigating Veterinary Insurance: How to Decide on a Policy [INFOGRAPHIC]

 by zack on 01 Jun 2013 |
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After deciding whether or not your pet needs veterinary insurance, it’s time to pick a policy. With many different companies offering competitive plans, it can be difficult to know where to begin. Here is a short guide to different factors you must ...
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