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October 2012

How to Train Cats: The Basics

 by zack on 12 Oct 2012 |
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Don’t you just love a fat cat? Aren’t you just smitten with kittens? When you get home from work, do you make a B-line for your feline? All cutesy kitty poetry aside, cats are great companions who can provide hours of entertainment. Don’t you wish y...

Product Showcase: Trifexis

 by zack on 08 Oct 2012 |
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Today’s showcase will be about Trifexis. This little known tablet is the preferred monthly preventative of veterinarian...

Tapeworms: The Horror Within.

 by brian on 06 Oct 2012 |
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Tapeworms. What freaking nightmare. They’re tiny little worms that sit in small intestines and eat all the food before...

Aggressive Cat is Aggressive: Avoiding Bad Cat Behavior

 by zack on 05 Oct 2012 |
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Having an aggressive kitty on your hands can be more than a handful. Cats are usually demure, aloof, and playful little critters, but a few hazardous pitfalls can really ruin their disposition. The fastidious feline nature of your average kitty cat g...

Cat Scratching the Itch: Retracting Kitty’s Claws.

 by zack on 01 Oct 2012 |
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Ah, the smug and snuggly kitty cat. It sprawls out comfortably on your keyboard to quietly survey its domain. Its eyes l...

Ouch! How to Stop Puppy Biting.

 by zack on 01 Oct 2012 |
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Nothing is cuter than a fresh faced little tail-wagger nipping at your fingers while at play. However, the game gets old...
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